Additional Support, Discounts, & Referrals

The following additional support options are only available to former clients.


You have gone through the sleep therapy process, but have gotten off track and aren't sure where to get started.


Your child may be going through a sleep transition either due to illness, travel, moving from a crib to a bed, or dropping a nap. 


•  Sleep Questionnaire Analysis

•  Sleep Plan Update

•  Phone Consult

•  1 Week Unlimited Email

•  1 Voxer Message Exchange


Please note, this package is applicable to clients that have worked with me in the last 6 months and can only be applied to the child I created the sleep plan for.


You’ve been making excellent progress, but are hesitant to continue on your own.


Don’t worry, it’s OK to want a little extra reinforcement.


You’ll receive 1 week of unlimited email support to help ease your mind and nerves.


This is also a great option if you need help improving naps, travel differences, or are dealing with a sleep regression.


A 30 minute call is perfect to discuss 1 to 2 specific sleep problems.

This can include, nap transitions, illness, regressions, travel, adjusting to travel/time zone differences, and moving your child from a crib to a bed.


I’ll ask you to complete a brief questionnaire so I can give you the best advice and make the most use of our time together.

After the call, you'll receive a sleep summary of what we discussed via email.


If you refer a family, friend, or even a stranger that purchases a sleep package, you’ll be given a $15 gift card of your choice via email.


You don’t have to be a former client to partake in the referral program. Just send me an email letting me know who you referred, and I’ll be sure to send you a gift.


And even better, if you were a former client you will not only get your preferred $15 gift card, but also a FREE 15 minute call to discuss a current sleep problem (no expiration). 




You not only have one, but two, maybe three kiddos that need help with sleep. Worry no more! I offer $100 off each additional sleep package.


If you have twins or triplets, it’s the cost of a sleep program plus $100.