Hey there, Sleepyhead


And let me guess. Another day has passed and you’re still searching for answers on how to help your child sleep at night. 


You are done trying sleep solutions that don’t work and are desperate to find one that will. 


You can feel your level of frustration and anxiety rising because you have tried all the sleep remedies recommended by friends, family, and coworkers, but yet, nothing seems to be working.

I work with exhausted parents like you that are struggling with their child’s sleep habits and longing for a clear solution.

Together we will navigate your child’s sleep problems, explore solutions, and you will feel confident and secure in your ability to guide your child into restful bliss. 


By working with Hibernate Institute, your child will go from inconsistent, disruptive sleep, to building healthy sleep habits that will last a lifetime. 


Imagine having a night off all to yourself because your child is independently sleeping through the night, you can finally watch your favorite show on Netflix without any interruptions, or, that date night you haven't taken in months (maybe years) is actually happening!

Being a Neonatal ICU nurse for over 13 years has taught me many important values that have carried through into my role as a mother and entrepreneur. The meaning of hard work, commitment, teamwork, sacrifice, and most of all, how to believe in miracles. 


Over the span of my nursing career, I have cared for thousands of infants & nurtured their families, taught them how to care for their child’s medical needs once discharged home, and took the role of a trusted support person during nights that were filled with anxiety and uncertainty.


It’s those moments I shared building rapport and connections with families, teaching families about their baby, celebrating even the tiniest victories, and teaching my own son how to sleep, that lead me into becoming a certified pediatric sleep consultant. 

I created Hibernate Institute, so I could continue to help families that want the very best care for their child and family.  

Why Hibernate Institute?

I’m sure when you think of the word hibernate, the first image that comes to mind is a bear. Well, I didn’t want to go with this common idea and instead chose a Bee, because of what they represent.


A bee symbolizes personal power, brightness, productivity, and the ability to excel in a teamwork-based community. These characteristics resonate with my work philosophy. 


As a sleep consultant, I will provide you with the tools and support you need to feel confident when implementing your sleep plan. We will work as a team to foster healthy sleep habits in your child. 


Although the process can be difficult at times, I will help you see the brightness and success throughout your journey. 



Are you ready to recharge, foster life-long sleep habits in your child, and start reaping the many BENEFITS of healthy sleep?

My Expertise

dark bee.png


Neonatal ICU nurse with over

13 years experience

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Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

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RN Instructor

Newborn Educator


Sleep plays a vital role in your overall health and well-being. It is known as one of the four pillars of health, alongside exercise, good nutrition, and relaxation. Without sleep, you’re at a higher risk for emotional and social instability, illness, inability to function or make good decisions, and are prone to accidents.

As a registered nurse, working in the neonatal intensive care unit, I could see the effects stress and mounting sleep deprivation had on families. Additionally, after having my son, I knew that if he wasn’t sleeping well, none of us would.


My mission is to help families get wholesome, restorative sleep to aid in disease prevention,

stress regulation, emotional and mental stability, and optimize health.

I want you to feel rested, confident, secure, and like you’re not losing your mind! And for your child to learn healthy, independent sleep to continue thriving, growing, and be happy. 


I learned quickly as a nurse that without commitment and teamwork, you will fail. This work ethic easily correlates with sleep consulting.


During the sleep process, we will work as a team, you will have my full support and commitment, and most importantly, if you give it 100%, I will not let you fail.